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Bye Tumblr!

I have found another blog site that is more suited to how I blog. So this will be my last post {tear}. I will keep it active so I can occasionally log on and see what I have been missing. Plus I want to keep all of my old posts :) All my future posts will be at

Bye! xxx

My Mum is a devoted Downton Abbey Fan and has been suggesting I watch it for ages. The other day we were out and I passed season one on DVD. I decided to purchase it to see what it was all about and I LOVE it {Love it meaning I am obsessed with it and think about it during every moment of every day}. There is something about a period drama that makes you long for a time of dresses and luncheons. Needless to say, I am already on the last episode of season two and will be starting season three this weekend. It brings me such joy and so does my favourite character Violet Crawly {Dowager Countess of Grantham}. She reminds me SO MUCH of my late Granny Mary. Anyways, have a look at the clip. It will give any Downton viewers a little laugh xxx


As some of you know, I came very close one time to being a horse owner. See here:

Although my plans never quite panned out, I still hold out the hope of someday owning a large property with the cutest horses in the world {even though I have never owned one, knowing how to take care of them will come naturally of course}. 

Anyways, today I had to drive to Cochrane. It’s about an hour away and to get to it from my house, you have to drive through Bragg Creek. So, hoping I would stumble upon some horses…I took my camera. It actually turned into a fun afternoon, I grabbed a latte, stuck in my Lana Del Ray CD and enjoyed the drive. Of course, if you had a been a passenger in my vehicle, it might have been a bit nerve racking. Keeping your eye on the road when you are “horse watching” is really hard. Just to let you know. On a plus note though I did finally manage to drive with my knee! Safe you ask? Of course!! I have always wanted to successfully do it and today was that day my friends. Now don’t worry, I won’t be driving all over Calgary with my knees instead of hands. I just think it’s rather a handy skill to have say if you want to apply lip gloss or take a sip of latte.

Here are some of my pictures from this afternoon: 







This last picture is of a sweet dog that ran all the way down that road when he noticed me parked there. I decided not to encourage him, as I didn’t want him following me back out onto the highway. Regardless, he came right up to my door and demanded my attention. What could I do other then pet his cute squishy dog face? Luckily he did not follow me out but instead ran back towards him home. What a good boy… I want one ;) xxx


Well as it turns out, our baby was a GIRL! It was so strange to hear the doctor say that after weeks of thinking of her as little Sam. 

I only heard last week when I received my autopsy results. They said the nurse who saw her first must have made the mistake and no one else thought to check. The autopsy 100% clarified it was a baby girl. We contemplated not sharing this news with anyone but decided it was only fair that people knew she existed.

We decided to rename her as the records had to be amended anyways. We were having so much trouble coming up with a meaningful name, especially as we were so used to referring to her as Sam. We tossed around many but concluded that if she had lived, those names would of suited her better. Especially as she would have grown into the name and made it her own. We were searching for a name that was small {just like her}, sweet {just like her} and had a good meaning. That is when Ada came to us and the meaning was perfect. It means “first daughter”! I love it!! 

So the autopsy results indicated that Ada was a perfectly healthy baby girl. The reason I went into early labour was a undetected “incompetent cervix”. Basically, my cervix is unable to carry a baby to full term…. at least without help. So now we know, the OBGYN has mapped out a pregnancy plan for future pregnancy and will be assisting me as high risk. She will put in a cerclage at 12-14 weeks to strengthen my cervix as well as give me frequent ultrasounds. Then she said it will just be early bed rest with hopes of carrying the baby as long as possible. 

Although this was slightly bad news, I am still happy to know how we might be able to prevent this from happening again. We will both go into it next time {hopefully there is a next time!} with open eyes. It’s such a shame that the proper precautions couldn’t be taken for Ada, to help get me through the pregnancy but such is life. xxx

I know, I know…this is being played all over the radio right now. I can’t help it, I love it and the whole 2 minutes and 42 seconds it has to offer xxx

Little ducklings

My sister takes the little dayhome children on a walk most days when the weather is mild enough. They traipse up and down the fields beside my house all in a little row. Carly of course is at the front while all the ducklings follow at a slower pace with their little legs. Some days they are excited for the walk, especially as Carly tells them the field is magic. Other days, they say they are cold or their feet hurt. Regardless, they are out there halfway through the morning trotting along behind Carly. It made me laugh the other day when I looked out my bedroom window and saw Carly and her little ducklings walking around {four unmistakeable dots in the distance}. I managed to grab my camera and snap a shot before they disappeared behind the next hill. Luckily I had my zoom lens! How very cute! xxx

Beckoning along the littlest of the ducklings…..


I am scatterbrained, it is something I have learned will never change with me. I guess that is why I TOTALLY FORGOT to do my 2013 New Years resolutions! Weird. I am usually so excited to jot them down, however ridiculous they may be ;)

So in between doing my work {and checking celebrity gossip websites} I have decided to write down what I hope to achieve in 2013.

Get to my goal weight {I lost 20 lbs last year, so just a little farther to go!}

Complete my schooling for bookkeeping!

Go on holiday

Try to learn French…for the 100th time {maybe in time for our holiday!}

Buy a house

Get Pregnant at some point this year {When I am fully recovered}

Help plan my sisters Christmas Wedding!! 

Wow reading those I realize how big they all are but I am already working on some of them. Here’s to 2013! xxx


Well Hi

Wow trying to type hi in the blog title took me about 18 attempts. I am tired lol. 

So hello peeps, long time no see. Christmas has come and passed. I had a fabulous one this year but unfortunately did not take a single picture as I lost my camera charger. Actually that’s a little wrong, I lost my charger yes but then I found it. The sad thing was that while my charger was lost, I decided to take the battery out of my camera and find something else to charge it. As it turned out, I misplaced that as well. So when I found the charger, I went to get my camera all charged up and its battery was gone. Ryan said he remembered seeing it a few days before and thinking to himself “that is an Amy place to put that” but couldn’t remember where it was. Sigh. 

So Christmas is committed only to memory. The only thing I did manage to snap on my phone camera was a picture of our present for Ryan’s Mum. It was a kitten, yes people a little kitten, and she was adorable! I have decided that I like giving kittens to people. It’s fun plus then I get to have the kitten for a few days before it goes to it’s new home. So from this point on you can refer to me as the lady that gifts kittens. Watch out! 

Ummm there are also some other things going on this January but I will hold off blabbing so they actually come true {I might jinx it otherwise}. So I hope everyone had a great Christmas season and will update my blog soon! xxx


Well I am so excited to say that I am finally crossing off some more gifts on the Christmas list! It was on hold for the past few weeks and then this weekend it hit me how close we actually are to Christmas {and Ryan’s 27th birthday which falls on the 16th}.

We were out shopping this weekend and had no luck purchasing a single thing {yes people, I managed to avoid even one transaction at the mall. Weird}. So out I went today and managed to find four more gifts including Ryan’s birthday pressie. 

Weekday shopping is so much quieter and I am lucky that my boss is also my husband, so that weekday shopping is an option :)

Our tree is still looking worse for wear so I am thinking that we need to give it a little TLC. I, of course, will take complete advantage of this and make sure to put on the fireplace with a Christmas movie. Ryan is not exactly thrilled to watch the same movies every year buuuuut how else is he going to be excited for Christmas? 

On a sadder note, I had a phone call today letting me know Sam was released from autopsy and is able to be cremated now. I have to make the arrangements with the funeral home for him and then once his ashes come back, we are thinking we will go spread them in Banff after Christmas. I suppose this is just the process but I will be happy for it all to be finished so we can move on with him in our memory.

Good thing I have weekday shopping to cheer me up! xxx

Well that was fun….

Last night I sat in my living room admiring our over-sized Christmas tree. With tea at my side and a book in hand, I thought to myself how wrong Ryan had been about this tree. He thought it was too big and unstable. I thought how lucky we were that a $20 Ikea tree turned out to be so fabulous. 

Fast forward to this morning, I am talking to my Mum on the phone and my fully grown six year old cat jumps from the coffee table {in the style of a flying squirrel} onto the tree. Two seconds later, our large beauty is laying disheveled on the floor. Sigh. 

Two hours have passed and I have managed to clean up all the needles and broken ornaments. Ryan has been able to secure the tree, so it shouldn’t fall again and now  comes the task of redecorating the entire thing. Bless my cats little soul :)

Little Sam

As many of you already know, we lost our little baby boy {whom we named Sam William Mele} last Wednesday. 

It is still very hard to adjust to, especially as there is no definite answers as to why I went into early labour. All we know is that they don’t think it was anything to do with Sam. Regardless of what the doctors said at the hospital, we don’t want to come to any conclusions yet until we see what the autopsy says when it comes back in four weeks. 

Apart from the residual physical pain i’m experiencing, we still have the pain of reminding ourselves that he is gone every morning we wake up. It’s very strange to not feel pregnant anymore or feel him kicking around. Also, all the plans we had next year for him and all the things we hoped to do, left he second he did. 

We still have each other and hopefully we will get the chance again in the future to become parents. Right now, we just feel very lucky to have met little Sam and know we have a sweet little baby boy, regardless of how long he lived for. Each day becomes a little easier and I am already starting to see the positives in all of this. 

Before I got pregnant I didn’t really feel the urge to have a baby yet. I wanted to be selfish and wait a while longer. Seeing how amazing Sam was and realizing that a little baby started to grow because of us is just mind blowing. Now I will appreciate the next time so much more and understand how lucky being pregnant really is. Sam has also made us as a couple closer because now we share something together so special.

Right now we are focusing on having a good Christmas and making sure we never forget Sam. Although I sound sad in this blog, I really am doing so much better and so is Ryan. It’s still quite hard to talk about the details of everything but I have to remind myself I only did give birth to him a week ago!

Take care and enjoy this lead up to Christmas! xxx

Baby Update

I went for my first appointment, with my newly referred doctor yesterday. My family doctor only looks after her pregnant patients until 12 weeks, so now I am being passed on.

The doctor I saw may not be delivering the baby. There are six female doctors that work in the clinic and one is on call each night. So which doctor I get just depends on what day I go into labour. 

My family doctor told me that my 12 week scan was optional but I was told yesterday that it was not optional at all. The 12 week scan tells them how far along the baby is, how strong the heartbeat is and if anything is abnormal with the pregnancy. So they were a little upset that I didn’t manage to get one booked. I wish I had, so they we could have a picture of the little baby bean :)

They doctor thinks my first and only scan at 7 weeks was wrong with the due date and she is working with a new due date of May 4th. Which means (if she is correct) that I am 16 weeks on Saturday! (I will readjust my tracker at the top of my blog when I know for certain). My 18 week scan is booked for Dec 3 and we should be able to get a better idea of the due date and if the babes is a boy or girl. I cannot believe that is only just over 2 weeks away! Hopefully the babes cooperates with the scan as my Doc said its the last one I get (unless there are issues down the road). I really can’t believe how quickly it has all gone so far. Hopefully the next 24 weeks go equally as fast! 

I have started feeling pulses in my tummy where the baby is. The doctor said I will start to feel sensations but no kicking for another few weeks. I am excited for Ryan to come to the scan and also to start feeling its kicks. 

Well that is all the baby news for now. I will let you know in a couple weeks if its a little boy or girl that is waiting to make its appearance! xxx

I am really digging Paloma Faith right now. This song is a little depressing but sort of sweet as well. I love her voice against only the piano.

Our Birthday!

Well this year was just as fun as the last {and didn’t involve going to court this time!}.

Our day started at lunch when Carly and her fiance arrived at my house. We Skyped my Mama and Papa in England and then went to Subway for lunch with Scobie the brother. 

After that, with fuzzy hair and all, we made our way to Chinook Mall. I mention my fuzzy hair because it has been SO FUZZY lately. I thought that when you are pregnant you are blessed with lovely silky hair. Well not this one, my fringe specifically is a block of fuzz. Sigh. Even on my birthday, I got no relief from this annoying problem. After about fifty sprays of leave in conditioner, I decided to give up on it and throw it into a pony tail. So glam.

Anyways, enough about my hair dramas, so yes we went to Chinook and partook in a scavenger hunt. Well kind of, my Mum told us where to go but it still felt like a hunt. What my Mum arranged this year is that she would purchase our pressies at the Mall and have them ready for our birthday. So when we arrived  we had to let her know we were there and she told us our first stop…Clinique!! We went to the counter and this sweet girl got very excited that it was us. She had wrapped our presents herself was almost bouncing when she gave them to us {obviously very proud of her wrapping}. They turned out to be the coolest set of three nail polishes called Butter London!!!

Once sending our Mum photo evidence of our stop at Clinique, we were directed to  Fruits and Passion. After finding CJ {the shop girl that helped her}, she presented us with two great big bags. Yay! We each got HUGE gift baskets filled with room spray, candles, body wash, body cream..etc. It was so exciting but they were heavy so we got our birthday slave {aka Carly’s fiance} to drop them off at her Jeep before the next and final stop…Swarovski!!

Swarovski turned out to be the “big” present…when I thought the Fruits and Passion would be! We both got matching Erica necklaces!!!! Now for anyone that ‘t don’t know, Erica {and her friend Elliot} are mascots in a way for Swarovski. They are super sparkly and super cute! You can also adjust the chain to three different lengths!

I love her {on the right}, she is so cute!! 

So when all that was done we got an evening of opening more amazing pressies, dinner at Smugglers Inn and then a movie!! It was the perfect day.

Also, the day after I got a complete indulgent day of playing my new Wii for countless hours and then going to dinner with Ryan’s family. I got a fab gift from them too and a lotto ticket so hopefully I win the big one!! 

We love our birthdays and getting older doesn’t seem to tarnish the excitement  Next birthday I will have a little six month old babe, how weird is that?! I’m sure we can have just as much fun, now it just means we will have storage for our shopping bags under the stroller :) xxx